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2006 Year End Party and Awards Presentation

On August 13, 2006, the Clovis Judo Club held their annual Year-end party and Awards Presentation at Letterman Park.  With 30 of our members and their families in attendance, we had a great Potluck dinner, followed by the Awards presentation and election of Parent's Club officers for the new year.  A vote was taken, and it was decided that the date for our 51st Annual Judo Tournament would be March 4, 2007 (if available).

The following awards were presented:

  Fumio Ikeda Awards:    Juniors                Intermediates                                    Seniors

                                 Lucas Baro          Bilay Kuhn & John Lawrence            Brian Treadwell

  Al Smith Award:            Christopher Garcia

  Sensei Myra's Kata Achievement Award:

                       2005-06:   Amanda Lawrence & Bilay Kuhn - Ju -no - kata

                                       Lucas Baro & Lexie Poindexter - Goshin - ho

  Sensei Ron's Spirit Awards:

                       2005-06:   Kevin Young & Lucas Baro

  Sensei Dan's Attendance Awards:

                       2005-06:   Instructor                            Judoka

                                       Dan Treadwell                     Kaitlyn Kerby

Parent's Club election results:

        All officers were polled as to their desire to remain on the Board of Officers for the Club.  All stated that they were willing to remain in their present positions.  Nominations were opened, and with no new nominations, Sensei Fumio Ikeda moved that the present slate of officers remain on the Board.  The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous.

                President:  Don Vanoni        Vice-President:  Rufi Alday        Secretary:  Shelli Kerby

                Treasurer:  Susie Alday         Dojo Manager:  Dan Treadwell



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