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The Clovis Judo Club is proud to announce that 13 of our students participated in and placed well at the Fowler Fall Promotional Judo Tournament held Sunday, November 6, 2005.  The students who placed are:

        Kwani Tex - 1st
        Cheyenne Tex - 1st
        Nathan Baro - 1st
        Lucas Baro - 1st
        Christopher Garcia - 1st
        Daniel Kingen - 1st
        Bilay Kuhn - 1st
        John Lawrence - 1st
        Amanda Lawrence - 2nd
        John Wells - 3rd
        Kaitlyn Kerby - 3rd
        Brandon Lawrence - 3rd
        Brian Treadwell - 3rd

As a result of their fine performance in the tournament, the following students were promoted in rank:

        Amanda Lawrence - Sankyu Brown (3rd Degree)
        Daniel Kingen - Blue Belt
        John Lawrence - Green Belt
        Lucas Baro - Yellow Belt
        Nathan Baro - Yellow Belt
        Christopher Garcia - Yellow Belt
        Cheyenne Tex - Yellow Belt
        John Wells - Yellow Belt

The Clovis Judo Club congratulates these students on a fine showing.



Last modified: 09/09/2017