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Fumio Ikeda - Retired Club Advisor (Rokudan)

Sensei Ikeda is a charter member of the Clovis Judo Club.  In his youth, Fumio was involved in sumo during the 1920's and 1930's.  The only Judo dojos were in Fresno and Parlier, which made it difficult to attend during the “Depression Days”.  In 1930, the Clovis YMA (Young Men’s Association) won the Central California Sumo Tournament, Ben and Johnson Shimizu were members of that team.  In 1956 he started judo under Prof. Yamauchi (Hachidan) from Japan, and spent over 30 years helping to teach the youth and adults.  During the 1960's & 1970's, when the Club was at the Memorial Building, there was an old timer’s group of about a half dozen men who knocked heads.  He injured both of his shoulders working out with two football players from McLane High School during that time.  Fumio retired from the mat at the age of 70 years old.  Sensei Ikeda recently retired from the Chuka Yudanshaki’s Board of Examiners where he represented the Clovis Judo Club.  Fumio is a retired farmer. He grew figs and almonds.  Sensei Ikeda has received many awards and one such honor was being selected into the Clovis Citizens Hall of Fame.


Myra Kirk-Goode
Club Advisor / Kata & Head Instructor (Rokudan)

Sensei Kirk-Goode is a charter member of the first women’s class taught by Prof. Yamauchi in November of 1956. She traveled to many local clubs with Sensei Yamauchi during her early years and from 1964 to 1970 she spent six years teaching judo at Bakersfield Judo Club. 2009 marks her 53rd year in judo. Myra was the Ju-no-kata National Champion with her partner Nan Ellis in 1968. Thirty years later, in 1998, Myra returned to the International scene with her partner Eva McCatty to place 3rd at the Fukuda Kata Championships. Myra continues her judo study under the highest ranked woman in the world, Keiko Fukuda (Kudan) of Soko Judo Club in San Francisco. Myra made two trips to Japan, the first with Prof. Yamauchi and the second with Haruo Imamura. In the 1980's she also ran a Judo Camp at Sierra High School for 10 years. Sensei Myra has also attended several National Joshi Judo Camps at Santa Barbara, Squaw Valley and San Jose. She has attended National and Regional Teaching clinics in Hawaii, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. Myra is a retired nurse and currently, with her husband Ron and daughter Elena Littlefawn Barron (Ikkyu), owns and manages a deer ranch.


Ron W. Goode - Club Instructor (Rokudan)

Sensei Ron Goode, began his Judo career in 1978 under the tutelage of Sensei Haruo Imamura, (Kudan). Sensei Ron continued his study under Sensei’s Keiko Fukuda (Kudan), Myra Kirk, David Hamoaka, Robert Liddell and Arthur Murata, all previous instructors at the Clovis Judo Club, and Godans. Much of Sensei Ron’s adult life has been centered around Judo and Native American Studies. His numerous credentials and awards include: "Life Credential: for teaching Judo and Native American Indian Studies, Tribal Chairman for the North Fork Mono Tribe, 1997 Community Service Award from the World Wide Toastmasters Organization, Golden Bell Award in 2000 for his work at Kratt School presented by the State Board of Education, the Clovis Citizens Hall of Fame in 2002 and Educator of the Year at the 29th Annual California Conference on Indian Education and in 2006 Sensei "Ron" made it into the "Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers". Sensei has also taught Judo at Yosemite Middle School, and retired just last year as Head Instructor of Clovis Judo Club where he served for nine years. Sensei has also taught Taekwondo at Sierra High School. Among his many contributions to the community is his work with the Tribal Council of the North Fork Mono Indian Tribe and work with the Fresno Unified School District as Outreach Consultant, working with at-risk youth. Sensei has also studied other combative arts including, kung-fu, boxing and wrestling. At Sierra High School and Cabrillo College, Sensei Ron was a three sport athlete. Sensei Ron continues to remain active in the Clovis Judo Club as well as the Mono Indian Council. He served in the US Army from 1970 to 1972 were he obtained the rank of E-5, Sgt.


Kevin Young - Club Instructor (Yodan)

In 1953, the Young family settled in Bakersfield and shortly thereafter, Dr. Jerry Young and Kevin became charter members of the Bakersfield Judo Club with Sensei Sakamoto as the head instructor. Dr. Young, Yodan, studied his judo in Korea and Japan where he was stationed with a MASH unit. In the late 1950's, the Youngs traveled around Los Angeles and the Central Valley where he became acquainted with the Clovis and Fresno Judo Clubs. Kevin has competed at National Judo Tournaments and more recently, in the summer of 2003, he competed at the 5th World Master’s Championships at the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan. In 2004, he competed in the 6th World Master's Championships in Vienna, Austria. In 2005, Kevin competed in the Pan Am Masters Championships in Denver, Co. where he competed in two divisions. In the 81 k Div., he came in 3rd, while bringing home a 2nd in the Open Division. In 2006, Kevin competed in the Pan American Games in Phoenix, AZ., placing 3rd in the Open Div. In his pool, 55 - 59 Yrs. - 81 KG, he placed 2nd. Kevin attended Bakersfield High School and College and graduated from San Jose State University in 1970. Kevin’s occupation is a Tax Attorney. In June, Kevin will be going to Belgium to compete in the World Masters Judo Championships, and this fall to Santo Domingo for the Pan American Games.


Dan Treadwell - Club Instructor (Yodan)

Sensei Treadwell began studying judo in 1991 at the age of 45.  At the time Sensei David Hamaoka and Sensei Myra Kirk-Goode were the head instructors for the Club.  Dan competed for a period of approximately three years mostly in tournaments within the Chuka Yudanshakai.  He also competed in the CJI Judo Championships a couple of times.  He also competed in the Masters Championships when it was in San Jose.  In order to advance his judo knowledge, he has been attending the coaches conferences put on by USJI.  Dan presently holds a Class C Certificate as a Coach and has coached students at local, regional, state and national tournaments.  Besides being a coach, Dan also referees local tournaments, and has put on and participated in many demonstrations to promote judo and the club.  Dan retired in the Fall of 2006 from County of Fresno where he was employed for 30 years as a Job Specialist.  He graduated from Fresno State with a BA degree in Sociology.  He is married with one son, Brian, who is also a member of the Clovis Judo Club.


Raul “Rudy” Flores - Club Instructor (Sandan)

Sensei Flores began his judo under Haruo Imamura at the Clovis Judo Club in 1980.  Rudy is an ex-Marine who did not start his judo until he was in his 40's.  Rudy, known by his fellow Black Belt judokas as “the animal”, peaked his competitive career in 1995 with a 2nd place Masters win, losing to his teammate Godan and National Champion, Rod Haas.  Sensei Flores has continued his judo training and teaching with the Fresno Judo Club, were his grandson Arsenio trains, as well as with the Clovis Judo Club. 


Brian Treadwell - Club Instructor (Sandan)

Sensei Brian Treadwell is the son of Assistant Head Instructor, Dan Treadwell.  Sensei David Hamaoka and Sensei Myra Kirk-Goode were the head instructors of the Clovis Judo Club when he started his training.  In 2004, Brian traveled to Hawaii for the National Teachers Institute where he studied five advanced katas.


Dr. Jim Davis - Club Instructor (Nidan)

Sensei Jim Davis started judo in the Midwestern Yudanshakai at the YMCA and later at the Iowa State Judo Club. Jim and his family relocated to California when he attended the University of California at San Diego. While in San Diego, he had the privilege of studying under Sensei Benso Tsuji (Rokudan). After San Diego, Jim returned to Iowa for medical school and continued his judo at the University of Iowa with Sensei Cheol Kim (Rokudan), formerly of the Korean Judo College. Jim received his Shodan in 1981. Because his profession required frequent moves, he was able to participate in judo at a number of dojos, including UC Berkeley, Phoenix, Arizona and again in San Diego in the early 1990's. Dr. Davis has also studied Jui-jitsu, earning a Shodan in 1996. Jim, his wife and two children, returned to Fresno where he works at Community Hospital is the Head Trauma Surgeon. Jim joined the Clovis Judo Club staff in 2000 and was promoted to Nidan in 2002. His son Jack is also a member of the club. In March of 2007, Dr. Davis was seated as the President of the Western Trauma Association.


Matthew Vanoni - Club Instructor (Shodan)

Sensei Matthew Vanoni started judo when he was 9 years old. Sensei Robert Liddell was the head instructor of the Clovis Judo Club when he began his training. Through the years, he worked his way through the ranks while also earning several awards from the club and Chuka Yudanshakai. In 2003, he won the Outstanding Male Judoka Award from Chuka Yudanshakai. In 2003 & 2004, he won the Fumio Ikeda Points Award and in 2007 he won the Sensei Ron Spirit Award. Sensei Matt received his degree from Fresno State in 2009 and shortly after received his teaching credential.  In August of 2015 Sensei Matt began teaching second grade at Nell Dawson Elementary School in Coalinga, CA.


James Sheu - Club Instructor (Shodan)

Sensei James Sheu started Judo at the Clovis Judo Club in August of 2006 when he was 10 years old.  Seven years later he has become a valuable asset to our club.  James is instructed by Head Sensei: Myra Kirk-Goode and Sensei Ron Goode.  He has been to various clinics and received instruction from Sensei Keiko Fukuda and Sensei Eiko Shepard.  He is a former competitor at State and National Championships.  He took third place at the Junior Nationals in July of 2010.  He received Chuka Yudanshakai’s outstanding judoka award in 2010.  Sensei James is presently a student at Clovis North High School. He is an honor student, takes AP classes and is preparing for college.  He is a member of the school’s state championship band.  He participates in both the marching and concert groups.  James plays clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, and piano.  James also attends the Mazzei School of Aeronautics.  He is studying to get his pilot’s license and plans on a career in aviation.




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